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All purchases and donations support our initiative to bring tuition free Public Waldorf Education to

the children of our community, in Alachua County.
A vibrant and creative environment grows both mind and heart! 
(Donations do not secure admission or influence the lottery process.)

Celebrate the Seasons

A Waldorf-Inspired Annual Handwork & Art Box

Now available for purchase,

while supplies last!

4 kits of activities and treasures,  

one for each season,

bundled in a one time easy purchase!

see details below

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 5.14.01 PM.png

This four-part box contains many engaging projects that ignite creativity, critical thinking, manual dexterity,

and a sense of accomplishment using Waldorf-inspired materials and methods. 

Each box features a phenology wheel, an annual project that will unfold with each season as your child(ren) build(s)

on the activity. This project will tie the seasons together and can be used for play or display to celebrate the seasons.

In addition, each season will include a thoughtfully selected verse, a recipe from a local restaurant,

and at least three conveniently prepared handwork and art activities for your child(ren) to enjoy!


Target age : 4-10 years (but meant to be enjoyed at any age!)

Single child box: $100

Each sibling add-on (crafting materials only): +$50

For shipping option, please email your order to 
We will send you an invoice including shipping costs.



1 phenology wheel

4x seasonal bundles each including:

  • 3+ handwork/art activities

  • 1 verse

  • 1 cooking/baking recipe

for a total of 12+ activities,

4 verses and 4 recipes!


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Celebrate the

Seasons Kit

 Single Sibling 



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Kit +1



Kit +2




Pictured here are just some examples of projects from the 

Celebrate the Seasons



on your completed projects,

we love to see your work!


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