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Administrative Coordinator

Constellation Charter School, 14450 NE 148th Ave, Waldo, FL 32694, USA

Job Type

Contractor / Part Time or* Full Time / Exempt (begins July 2023**)

About the Employment

*Constellation is open to this position being split, with defined roles depending on the skills and availability of the candidates.
**Depending on the needs of the school, this position may be activated earlier than July 2023. Constellation follows the District’s Calendar for the academic school year.

Constellation Charter School is an initiative member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education (APWE). The administrative coordinator is an administrative position working with the Principal in an innovative charter school. In August 2023, Constellation will open its doors for the first time to students, therefore the person in this role will be instrumental in helping to develop and establish the foundational systems of the school. The administrative coordinator is primarily responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of the business office of the charter school. They ensure the office runs well, provides assistance to parents and other staff members, and ensures the Board policies are carried out to ensure proper business operations of the school. They may have registrar responsibilities. The administrative coordinator also works collaboratively with the faculty, with school leadership, and with the parents, to ensure a School climate that is nurturing, respectful, and safe for all students. The administrative coordinator works under the statutes governing Florida charter schools and the district authorizer, as well as the guidance set forth by Constellation’s Board and the Principal.

School Culture:
- Develop a climate of openness, fairness, mutual respect, and support in the school and school community. Listen and interact effectively with students, parents, colleagues, and community members, respecting diverse perspectives. Demonstrate respect for students, staff, teachers, and parents.
- Model and reinforce self-discipline and responsibility, while engaged in self-study and self-improvement.
- Promote both independent and collaborative work ethic.
- Provide professional leadership to establish an environment conducive to learning and welcoming of student diversity. Work effectively with school colleagues, parents, and the community to support students’ well-being and in so doing, student’s learning.
- Participate in establishing and maintaining a safe and secure environment. Should the situation arise in the course of work, manage student misconduct promptly and appropriately according to Constellation’s guidelines; resolve conflict and crises appropriately and effectively.
- Encourage students when opportunities arise in interactions with students, to demonstrate appropriate progress toward school expectations: responsible individual, effective communicator, problem solver, collaborative team worker, and self-directed learner.

Administrative :
* Participate in Constellation’s leadership team.
* Create and maintain a welcoming and efficient front office that emphasizes organization, professionalism, courtesy, flexibility, and teamwork.
* Help to create Standard Operating Procedures and maintain SOPs.
* Act as notary.
* Post notices.
* Facilitate work flow of copies, phones, and fax machines.
* Bookkeeping and participation in preparing budgets and financial reports.
* On an as needed basis supervise classroom when teacher needs a bathroom break; at times help supervise lunch; participate in drop-off and pick-up on a rotation; participate with notetaking during various school meetings.

* Collect time/attendance sheets
* Provide attendance sheets for Principal’s review and approval
* Scan required materials into DMS

* Participate in basic new hire orientation.
* Coordinate substitute teachers and payment.
* Coordinate volunteer schedule.
* Participate in annual evaluations of office staff.
* Update and maintain the employee database, records and contracts:
- Calculate and enter PTO information and organize the benefit election process.
- Coordinate the school’s employee background and fingerprint checks.
- Process new hire and employee termination paperwork.
- Provide verification of employment when requested.
* Registrar related work
- Accept and track student applications and enrollment documents
- Prepare enrollment reports
* State & District reporting:
- Assist in preparing and submitting reports and paperwork to Board, District, State, and Grantors.
* Oversee purchasing process for the school:
- Maintain vendor and audit files.
- Process purchasing paperwork.
- Secure Principal’s approval for payment.
* Health, Safety and Security:
- Help coordinate and maintain security passcodes.
- Act as emergency coordinator for student/staff medical issues if needed due to the primary for this role not being present.
- Distribute and record student medicine/dosage requirements if needed.
- Serve as the secondary first responder and participate in school safety coordination for campus emergencies.
- Maintain Fire Drill log.
* Perform other related duties as required that may not be listed in this job description.


Qualifications and Requirements


  • Must pass a Level 2 Background check.


  • Ability to work collaboratively, flexibly, and nimbly as is necessary in the launch year of a charter school. This includes faculty and school meetings as we finetune and improve our processes.  

  • Carry out all procedures and responsibilities in accordance with the school’s policy and guidelines; the district, state and federal guidelines.

  • College or University degree and/or relevant work experience.

  • Documented work experience in office management, project coordination, administration, or other relevant experience.

    • Ability to learn basic bookkeeping and reporting practices.

    • Computer skills with willingness to learn school’s choice of word processing, spreadsheets, tracking program

    • Strong organizational skills and ability to function independently and collaboratively.

    • Ability to communicate warmly, directly when needed, and with a sense of what style or method is effective for a given situation, one on one or with a group.

    • Ability to write brief reports, using data if necessary; prepare correspondence and other forms of writing as needed.

  • Professional Development:

    • Must have an openness to participate in relevant Waldorf admin training and mentorship, both in house and through approved external training.

    • Participate in self study and professional development.

  • Participate in activities that are outside of school instructional hours and part of the school’s Life.  This may include but not be limited to: celebrations and seasonal festivals, school performances, drop-off and pick-up, and meetings if needed.

  • Uphold high ethical standards for oneself, for the students’, and for the school’s flourishing. 

Physical Demands

  • Willingness to participate with physical engagement in the classroom and outside on school grounds.

  • Physical activity with students through the school year to prepare for school sports days.

  • Responsible for daily normal care of Administrative space, ensuring an environment that is calm and healthy.

Salary and Benefits

  • Salary schedule and amounts are set annually by the Board of Directors.  

  • Tangibles:

    • Salary range of $35K to $40K, based on (in increasing importance) education level, certifications, work experience.  We value our staff and their remuneration and are committed to maximizing this within our budget. 

    • The school offers an array of benefits for employees, and will contribute over $500 per employee towards direct primary care membership per year for full time salaried employees.

    • Staff are allowed ten Personal Time Off days per year, with a substantial vacation package.

  • Intangibles: 

    • Integral member of Constellation team bringing innovation and dedication to improve the educational outcomes for ALL students.  The administrative coordinator’s voice and perspective is essential and valued at all levels of school functioning.  

    • Supportive working environment:  respectful communication, collaborative leadership, shared responsibility. 

    • Active school community with varied opportunities to make deep connections with colleagues, students, and their families.  Time outside, time in nature.

    • Job satisfaction and fulfillment.

About the School

We are a publicly funded charter school and a member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education, working out of the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education. We are looking for teachers interested in cultivating this exceptional educational alternative for families in Alachua county.

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