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About us

Constellation Charter School is a parent/educator-led and community-supported

initiative to bring Public Waldorf education to Alachua County, Florida.

Constellation Charter School is located in Waldo, a short 15 mins drive from Gainesville, FL.

14450 NE 148th Ave, Waldo, FL 32694

We are continuously accepting applications for enrollment for
grades 1 - 6 for the 2023-24 school year.


We appreciate any and all support from family, friends, and the community at large.

There are many ways you can support our mission and vision:

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Inspired By The Waldorf Approach To Education

What makes a child a child? What makes a student love learning? How can we, as stewards to our new generations, guide and nurture the innate curiosity and the self-discovery our children will need to explore and embrace in order to become the most fulfilled versions of themselves?

We, along with experts within the field of education, recognize that Waldorf education is instrumental in guiding children on their journey to reaching their full potential in the physical, emotional, academic, artistic and social realms of being. Waldorf schools have a 100-year history of focusing on meeting children in their natural stages of development with a holistic approach of nurturing, respecting and admiring all the possibilities at hand. A motto that resonates across Waldorf schools is “Head, Heart & Hands,” which is representative of the Waldorf method encouraging critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and physical engagement. Humans are multifaceted beings, and we believe that education should honor all aspects of our potential with the same emphasis. The Waldorf-inspired approach fosters strong academics built on the integration of music, art and crafts, nature, movement and social intelligence, and views all as equally important fields of study for a balanced development. This pedagogy offers children with various learning styles the opportunity to engage with the material in ways that resonate with them.

Waldorf-inspired public schools comprise one of the most rapidly growing educational alternatives in the United States and the world. The educational model and philosophy have been met with such positive response that a need for an organization devoted to Public Waldorf education in the US arose; The Alliance for Public Waldorf Education (APWE). As an initiative of APWE we have access to resources that will help us marry the Waldorf method and curriculum with state-mandated requirements.

We are deeply devoted to preserving the wonder of childhood in all its forms, and wish to ensure that access to a Waldorf-inspired educational experience is equitable. Historically, grade schools offering Waldorf education in Alachua County have been private. The public charter option offers an incredible opportunity to make the Waldorf method accessible to all children and families in our community. We will direct significant energy towards community outreach and education in an effort to have a student population that is representative of our diverse local community.  This possibility alone is one of the most exciting aspects of our application for charter status; to embrace not only those who already value Waldorf education, but anyone who wants to explore this alternative for their children.

Our school is committed to providing our students with an inclusive curriculum representing the global society to which we belong. We believe in preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s world by instilling the importance of social justice and inclusivity from within the curriculum to the classroom, and beyond. While developing a sense of appreciation for the diversity that arises from individual uniqueness, the sense of community is an important concept in a Waldorf student’s school experience. Through regularly shared moments like morning circle time, group song, music ensembles, performances and seasonal gatherings, the Waldorf approach strengthens the school’s community sense of belonging. Creative focus for handwork and art classes is inspired by ample time in nature along with synchronous storytelling by the teacher. The Waldorf-inspired teacher becomes a predictable and reliable ally to the children by investing in the students over several years. Waldorf alumni often voice the same memory of having felt “seen.” This approach builds confidence, and from it arise natural leaders that grow up to be capable and compassionate (and passionate) members of our society.

Our Board of Directors (BOD) is composed of educators, parents, entrepreneurs, community leaders, healthcare providers, artists, business owners and Waldorf alumni that have all recognized the crucial value of such an education. Most of the members of the BOD have personally experienced the benefits of Waldorf education in a direct or indirect manner, which serves as a powerful driving force for all the members of the initiative, and has resulted in remarkable dedicated efforts towards the opening of this school. 

Inspiration Video  
Preparing for Life - documentary on Waldorf education

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