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Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Happy back to school everyone!

While we want to acknowledge our collective disappointment that our location unexpectedly fell through last April, we also want to let you know that we’ve marshaled our resources over the summer and are as excited as ever to open in August 2023! In the meantime, we want to invite you to Waldorf-oriented festivals and events throughout the 22-23 school year so that our beautiful Constellation community can stay connected and inspired. You’ll be the first to hear about them via our seasonal newsletter (details below), where we’ll update you on events and include information, crafts, and verses as we journey through the seasons. First of all we will be hosting a free book club on Zoom, starting September 1st, centered on navigating technology usage with children. We hope you can join us to discuss this important and challenging topic! Details are linked below. We are also planning a Festival of Courage to kick off the fall season, following the autumnal equinox on Sunday afternoon, October 2. Further down the road you can look for us at the Downtown Arts Festival on Nov.19-20. Email invites for all these events will follow, so keep your eyes out! P.s. We’ve had reports that emails from our mailing list have been getting flagged as spam - please add us to your contacts to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

Read on for event details!


JOIN OUR BOOK CLUB Starts Thursday September 1st, 2022 at 8:30 pm RSVP

Sexting, cyberbullying, revenge porn, online predators… all of these potential threats can tempt parents to snatch the smartphone or tablet right out of their children’s hands. While avoidance might eliminate the dangers, that approach also means children miss out on technology’s many benefits and opportunities.

This Fall, dive in with Constellation Charter School for a

bi-weekly book club designed for anyone who wants to learn more about navigating the digital world as caregivers.

Co-facilitators and CCSG Board members Jessica Bacon and Shelley Rogers have combined backgrounds in education and digital media and were inspired to lead this book club after hearing author and founder of Cyber Civics, Diana Graber, speak at the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education conference last winter.

Jessica Bacon’s backgrounds in both K-12 art education and early childhood currently informs her home-school endeavors with her three children. She has been working and reworking the balance of media in children's lives for years, cautiously integrating the use of technology as a tool for creativity while being skeptical of its limitations.

As a media educator and documentary filmmaker for nearly 15 years, Shelley Rogers has been thinking about the effects commercial mass media has on individuals and society throughout her professional life. Now as a parent, she confronts the daily dilemma of media decisions with curiosity and humility as this truly feels like a brave new world.

Join us for each session this Fall Semester via zoom on Thursdays at 8:30 pm, where we will dive into the chapters to discuss the content and how it relates to our experiences as caregivers. It will be best if you can commit to reading ~25 pages every 2 weeks and join us for the whole semester.

Book to be purchased: "Raising Humans in a Digital World" by Diana Graber Purchase links: Amazon, Thriftbook Sign-up here: RSVP Zoom link: Join meeting Meeting ID: 97195775875 Passcode: rhythm

Bi-weekly Schedule

Sept 1 - Introduction: Left to their own Devices & Chapter 1: A digital Journey Begins

Sept 15 - Chapter 2: Learning to Be Human

Sept 29 - Chapter 3: Reputation

Oct 13 - Chapter 4: Screen Time

Oct 27 - Chapter 5: Relationships

Nov 10 - Chapter 6: Privacy

Dec 1 - Chapter 7: Thinking Critically

Dec 15 - Chapter 8: Digital Leadership

We look forward to a fruitful discussion with you this coming fall, as we delve into this important aspect of our family lives.


FESTIVALS Upcoming one: Festival of Courage - Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

If you have experienced the magic of attending a Waldorf inspired festival, then you will understand the excitement we feel and the joy they bring to all who attend. Festivals are celebrations that bring rhythm to the year and meaning to the seasons. We will have several throughout the year, the first one being the Festival of Courage. This autumn festival takes place as days are growing shorter. It celebrates the story of a dragon tamed by courage. Many stories appear in many cultures with the theme of taming a dragon. Stories of a conqueror of the dragon can be seen in much Chinese art and other parts of Asia. With Apollo and the serpent, in Krishna slaying demons, and in the story of Saint George and the dragon. It is a time that allows human beings the courage to meet the trials of the present and the confidence to look to the challenges of the future without fear. So mark your calendars! Our festival of courage will take place Sunday, October 2nd, 2022. An invitation with time and location will be sent closer to the event.

(We’ve had reports that emails from our mailing list have been getting flagged as spam -

please add us to your contacts to ensure you don’t miss a thing!)


SEASONAL NEWSLETTER What to expect and when

Just like the festivals, our seasonal newsletter will celebrate the intervals that make up a year.

The newsletter will include:

- Seasonal Waldorf knowledge tid-bits or articles

- Progress of CCSG (Constellation Charter School of Gainesville)

- A seasonal activity to do with your child/ren

- Calls to action

- Board and Committee meeting info/links that you are always welcome to attend!

Release Dates:

FALL Equinox, September 22nd

WINTER Solstice, December 21st

SPRING Equinox, March 20th

SUMMER solstice, June 21st

If you haven't already, please subscribe to our mailing list and make sure to add us to your contacts so that these gems don’t get lost in the spam folder!


BOARD AND COMMITTEE MEETINGS You are always welcome to attend one or all of our meetings! They are offered both in person and online, via zoom. Informations on how and when to attend can be found on our website, linked here.


With gratitude, joy and purpose,

Constellation wishes you and your families a wonderful new school year - we are thrilled for you to come alongside us as we continue to grow and thrive! Warmly, the Constellation Charter School of Gainesville Board of Directors

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