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Aftercare Assistant / Grades 1 -5

Constellation Charter School, 14450 NE 148th Ave, Waldo, FL 32694, USA

Job Type

Contractor / Part Time (begins August 2023*)

About the Employment

Aftercare staff will be directly supervised by Aftercare Director.
**Constellation follows the District’s Calendar. There are 2 weeks onboarding prior to the start of school, as well as important summer Professional Development in July.

Constellation Charter School is an initiative member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education (APWE). This is an Aftercare Staff position in an innovative charter school. In this role the Aftercare Staff is responsible for the care of all students in aftercare. The Aftercare Staff works collaboratively within the faculty, with school leadership, and with the parents, to ensure a climate that is nurturing, respectful, and safe for all students. Aftercare incorporates students from all grades and this position involves unfolding appropriate activities to engage multi-age groups. Working out of the Core Principles as articulated by APWE, the Aftercare Staff understands child and human development and demonstrates this understanding in the context of Constellation’s values. The Aftercare Staff works under the statutes governing Florida charter schools as well as the guidance set forth by Constellation’s Board and the Principal.

School and Classroom/Aftercare Culture

- Work out of an understanding of the specified perspective on child and human development in all aspects of work with the students, and especially through the proscribed curriculum.
- Develop a climate of openness, fairness, mutual respect, support and inquiry in aftercare, the school, and community. Listen and interact effectively with students, parents, colleagues, and community members, respecting diverse perspectives. Demonstrate respect for students, colleagues, administrators, and parents.
- Create opportunities to educate parents in what the students do in aftercare and more importantly why they do it from the perspective of child and human development.
- Model and reinforce self-discipline and responsibility, while engaged in self-study and self-improvement.
- Promote both independent and collaborative work ethic.
- Provide professional leadership to establish an environment conducive to learning and welcoming of student diversity. Work effectively with school colleagues, parents, and the community to support students’ well-being and in so doing, student’s learning and thriving.
- Establish and maintain a safe and secure aftercare environment. Manage student misconduct promptly and appropriately according to Constellation’s guidelines; resolve conflict and crises appropriately and effectively.
- Openness to outdoor aftercare for the benefit of the students’ wellbeing.
- Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate appropriate progress toward graduation expectations: knowledgeable, lifelong learner; responsible individual; effective communicator; problem solver; collaborative team worker, and self-directed learner.


Attendance, sign students in and out.
- Prepare and facilitate snack time.
- Lead aftercare activities as needed.
- Support positive behavioral expectations for all children.
- Provide students and parents with timely feedback for improvement in student expectations.
- Update principal and teachers in a timely manner as appropriate when issues or challenges arise in the program or with students and parents.
- Guide and support social interactions between children.
- Ensure the safety and security of all students at all times.
- Perform other related duties as required that may not be listed in this job description.


Qualifications and Requirements


  • Comply with all rules and regulations regarding charter schools and District reporting.

  • Must pass a Level 2 Background check.


  • Documented aftercare or camp experience, may including home school groups.

  • Openness to acquiring CPR/First Aid Certification.

  • Interest in Waldorf education and must have an openness to participate in such training and mentorship, both in house and through approved external training as appropriate to the job.

  • Participate in self study and professional development.

  • Ability to work collaboratively, flexibly, and nimbly as is necessary in the launch year of a charter school. This includes faculty and school meetings as we finetune and improve our processes.  

  • Participate in activities that are outside of aftercare hours and part of the school’s Life.  This may include but not be limited to: celebrations and seasonal festivals, school performances, meetings. 

  • Uphold high ethical standards for oneself, for the students’, and for the school’s flourishing. 

Physical Demands

  • Active physical engagement in the classroom and outside on school grounds.

  • Ability to work outside daily with students, weather dependent.

  • Physical activity in the course of aftercare - both to demonstrate and to participate along with the students.

  • Physical activity with students through the school year to prepare for school sports days.

  • Responsible for daily normal care of classroom and outdoors, ensuring an environment that is calm and healthy.

Salary and Benefits

  • Pay schedule and amounts are set annually by the Board of Directors.  

  • Pay of $18/hr. 

  • Hours - 2:00 to 6:00, Monday through Friday, when school is in session.  On early release days the schedule starts at 12:00 for aftercare.

  • Potential for work at camp during holiday weeks.

  • Integral member of Constellation team bringing innovation and dedication to improve the educational outcomes for ALL students.  The teacher’s voice and perspective is essential and valued at all levels of school functioning.  

  • Supportive working environment:  respectful communication, collaborative leadership, shared responsibility. 

  • Active school community with varied opportunities to make deep connections with colleagues, students, and their families.  

  • Time outside, time in nature.

  • Job satisfaction and fulfillment.

About the School

We are a publicly funded charter school and a member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education, working out of the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education. We are looking for teachers interested in cultivating this exceptional educational alternative for families in Alachua county.

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