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Class Teacher / Grades 1 - 7

Constellation Charter School, 14450 NE 148th Ave, Waldo, FL 32694, USA

Job Type

Salaried Full Time / Exempt (begins August 2024**)

About the Employment

*Faculty Chair and Pedagogical Director positions and the class teacher’s role with these positions will be clarified.
**Constellation follows the District’s Calendar. There are 2 weeks onboarding prior to the start of school, as well as important summer Professional Development in July.

Constellation Charter School is an initiative member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education (APWE). This is a grades-classroom instructional position in an innovative charter school. In this role the class teacher strives for the success of individual students and the class as a whole. The class teacher also works collaboratively within the faculty, with school leadership, and with the parents, to ensure a learning climate that is nurturing, respectful, and safe for all students. An important aspiration for our faculty includes maintaining the continuity of the class teacher as the students progress through the grades (“looping”). Working out of the Core Principles as articulated by APWE, the class teacher understands child and human development and demonstrates this understanding in the context of Constellation’s curriculum. The class teacher delivers student instruction creatively and effectively using the desired methods, and performs appropriate assessments to inform necessary changes for the purpose of maximizing educational achievement for all students. The class teacher works under the statutes governing Florida charter schools as well as the guidance set forth by Constellation’s Board and the Principal.

School and Classroom Culture:
- Work out of an understanding of the specified perspective on child and human development in all aspects of work with the students, and especially through the proscribed curriculum.
- Develop a climate of openness, fairness, mutual respect, support and inquiry in the classroom, the school, and community. Listen and interact effectively with students, parents, colleagues, and community members, respecting diverse perspectives. Demonstrate respect for students, colleagues, administrators, and parents.
- Create opportunities to educate parents in what the students do in the classroom and more importantly why they do it from the perspective of child and human development.
- Model and reinforce self-discipline and responsibility, while engaged in self-study and self-improvement.
- Promote both independent and collaborative work ethic.
Provide professional leadership to establish an environment conducive to learning and welcoming of student diversity. Work effectively with school colleagues, parents, and the community to support students’ well-being and in so doing, student’s learning.
- Involve students in the development of a mission and goals that support the school’s goals and guide classroom decisions.
- Establish and maintain a safe and secure classroom environment. Manage student misconduct promptly and appropriately according to Constellation’s guidelines; resolve conflict and crises appropriately and effectively.
- Openness to outdoor teaching when beneficial to the content and to the students’ wellbeing.
- Use nature as an attribute in teaching and learning. This is an important aspect of the curriculum. Guidance will be provided on how to achieve this.
- Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate appropriate progress toward graduation expectations: knowledgeable, lifelong learner; responsible individual; effective communicator; problem solver; collaborative team worker, and self-directed learner.
Use quantitative and qualitative data for continual improvement.

- Develop and submit weekly lesson plans ahead of time that are aligned with Constellation’s curriculum and B.E.S.T. and Florida Standards, with support provided as needed.
- Understand central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structure of the subjects taught; make the subject matter meaningful to students as is reflected in the curriculum.
- Engage every student in grade level appropriate learning experiences that promote performance, starting with the present capacity of the individual student.
- Incorporate teaching, learning strategies and content that reflect each student’s culture, learning styles, special needs, and socioeconomic background.
- Use classroom processes that support effective teaching and learning, to promote high student achievement; designing lessons to engage all students in learning all the time, through such strategies as active learning, hands-on application, and teacher-student and student-student conversations about the learning.
- Provide learning opportunities that support intellectual, social, and personal development of diverse learners, ensuring their full potential to excel is actualized.
- Uses appropriate technology in teaching and learning processes.
- Demonstrate positive classroom results and trends.
- Provide students and parents with timely data for improvement in student achievement.
- Use formal (including the mandated FAST Monitoring) and informal assessment strategies to determine whether students have achieved high standards; modify instructional strategies as needed to maximize achievement.
- Engage students and parents in the assessment process, including regular updates and collaborative parent teacher conferences.
- Perform other related duties as required that may not be listed in this job description.


Qualifications and Requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from a fully accredited college or university. 

  • Possession of, or eligibility for, a Florida teaching certificate or a temporary Florida teaching certificate.

  • Preferred FL certification are the Elementary Education and/or the Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum (grades 5-9) licenses, and subject area as applicable, including appropriate endorsements. 

  • Comply with all rules and regulations regarding charter schools, including but not limited to B.E.S.T. and Florida Standards, FAST Monitoring, safety and security, and District reporting using the Student Information System.

  • Must pass a Level 2 Background check.


  • Documented teaching experience, including home school groups.

  • Preferred Waldorf pedagogical training.  

  • If not Waldorf pedagogical trained, must have an openness to participate in such training and mentorship, both in house and through approved external training.

  • Participate in self study and professional development.

  • Employ art as unfolded in the curriculum.  Appropriate training and support provided.

  • Ability to work collaboratively, flexibly, and nimbly as is necessary in the launch year of a charter school. This includes faculty and school meetings as we finetune and improve our processes.  

  • Participate in activities that are outside of school instructional hours and part of the school’s Life.  This may include but not be limited to: celebrations and seasonal festivals, school performances, field trips, drop-off and pick-up, meetings.

  • Openness to  continuity-teaching, or “looping,” with the students through grades 1-5 / 1-8. With continuity-teaching, the class teacher becomes a predictable and reliable ally to the children through investing in the students over several years. This allows the students to know they are seen and understood as they progress more effectively through their education journey.  This approach awakens in the teacher an embodiment of the life-long learner, an attribute students are being asked to bring to bear.  When the class teacher shares the same journey of striving, it awakens in the students not just a love for learning, it also awakens a deep trust and sense of belonging in their class, the school, and their education.  

  • Uphold high ethical standards for oneself, for the students’, and for the school’s flourishing. 

Physical Demands

  • Active physical engagement in the classroom and outside on school grounds, while teaching.

  • Physical activity in the course of subject teaching - both to demonstrate and to participate along with the students.

  • Physical activity as prescribed in the curriculum and methods, or based on the needs of the students to engender (and remediate) proper child development.

  • Physical activity with students through the school year to prepare for school sports days.

  • State mandated Physical Education with the students if needed.

  • Responsible for daily normal care of classroom, ensuring an environment that is calm and healthy.

Salary and Benefits

  • Salary schedule and amounts are set annually by the Board of Directors.  

  • Salary range of $45,500 to $50,000, based on (in increasing importance) education level, certifications, teaching experience, Waldorf training, and Waldorf teaching experience.  This may increase after our opening phase and with grant acquisition.  We value our teachers and their remuneration and are committed to maximizing this within our budget. 

  • Consistent with the requirements of Florida statute, Constellation uses a performance based salary schedule whereby pay increases are based on teacher evaluation results from the previous year.

  • The school offers an array of benefits for employees, including Professional Development in Public Waldorf Education Principles as well as membership to Direct Primary Care services (valued over $500 per employee per year).

  • Teachers are allowed ten Personal Time Off days per year.

  • Integral member of Constellation team bringing innovation and dedication to improve the educational outcomes for ALL students.  The teacher’s voice and perspective is essential and valued at all levels of school functioning.  

  • Supportive working environment:  respectful communication, collaborative leadership, shared responsibility. 

  • Active school community with varied opportunities to make deep connections with colleagues, students, and their families.  Time outside, time in nature.

  • Job satisfaction and fulfillment.

About the School

Constellation Charter School is a publicly funded charter school and a member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education, working out of the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education. We are looking for teachers interested in cultivating this exceptional educational alternative for families in Alachua county.

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