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ESE Instructional / Coach* / Grades 1 - 7

Constellation Charter School, 14450 NE 148th Ave, Waldo, FL 32694, USA

Job Type

Salaried *** Full Time / Exempt Or Part Time (begins August 2024****)

About the Employment

*May have some responsibilities for Physical Education
**Faculty Chair / Pedagogical Director positions and the ESE Specialist’s role with these positions will be clarified.
***Consideration may be given for this as a part time or contract position.
****Constellation follows the District’s Calendar.  There are 2 weeks onboarding prior to the start of school.

Constellation Charter School is an initiative member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education (APWE). This is a key instructional position in an innovative charter school. In this role the ESE teacher strives for the success of individual students and the class as a whole. They are responsible for students under their purview, including gifted students and students with disabilities. The ESE teacher also works collaboratively within the faculty, with school leadership, and with the parents, to ensure a learning climate that is nurturing, respectful, and safe for all students. Working out of the Core Principles as articulated by APWE, the ESE teacher understands child and human development and demonstrates this understanding in the context of Constellation’s curriculum. The ESE teacher delivers student instruction creatively and effectively using the desired methods, and performs appropriate assessments to inform necessary changes for the purpose of maximizing educational achievement for all students. Additionally, the ESE teacher participates in planning and conducting the Physical Education program. The ESE teacher works under the statutes governing Florida charter schools as well as the guidance set forth by Constellation’s Board and the Principal.

School and Classroom Culture:
- Work out of an understanding of the specified perspective on child and human development in all aspects of work with the students, and especially through the proscribed curriculum.
- Develop a climate of openness, fairness, mutual respect, support and inquiry in the classroom, the school, and community. Listen and interact effectively with students, parents, colleagues, and community members, respecting diverse perspectives. Demonstrate respect for students, colleagues, administrators, and parents.
- Create opportunities to educate parents in what the students do in the classroom and more importantly why they do it from the perspective of child and human development.
- Model and reinforce self-discipline and responsibility, while engaged in self-study and self-improvement.
- Promote both independent and collaborative work ethic.
- Provide professional leadership to establish an environment conducive to learning and welcoming of student diversity. Work effectively with school colleagues, parents, and the community to support students’ well-being and in so doing, student’s learning.
- Involve students in the development of a mission and goals that support the school’s goals and guide classroom decisions.
- Establish and maintain a safe and secure classroom environment. Manage student misconduct promptly and appropriately according to Constellation’s guidelines; resolve conflict and crises appropriately and effectively.
- Openness to outdoor teaching when beneficial to the content and to the students’ wellbeing.
- Use nature as an attribute in teaching and learning. This is an important aspect of the curriculum. Guidance will be provided on how to achieve this.
- Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate appropriate progress toward graduation expectations: knowledgeable, lifelong learner; responsible individual; effective communicator; problem solver; collaborative team worker, and self-directed learner.
- Use quantitative and qualitative data for continual improvement.

ESE Instructional:
- Demonstrates knowledge of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and implements all requirements. Work cooperatively with parents and teachers to identify students cited as potentially eligible for, Exceptional Student Services including Gifted Program services, 504 plans, IEPs, remediation, and behavioral interventions. Conduct screenings to determine need for further evaluation for eligibility. Participates in eligibility determination meetings.
- Work cooperatively with assigned District staffing specialists to initiate and complete pre-referrals for ESE, utilizing pre and posttest assessments, interventions and observations in areas of concern.
- Develop appropriate 504 plans, Individual Educational Plans (IEPs), Gifted Educational Plans (EPs) or Academic Improvement Plans (AIPs), and Behavior Success Plans (BSPs), including determining present levels of performance, annual goals, and benchmarks or short-term objectives.
- Support class teachers and participate in implementing appropriate accommodations or enrichment/acceleration strategies.
- Collect student performance data and report student progress toward goals.
- Schedule and conduct services meetings with parents and appropriate school and agency personnel. Complete matrix of services if required.
- Maintain and/or oversee specialized therapists’ (i.e. SP, OT) maintenance of ESE case management records.
- Demonstrate knowledge of Special Diploma Sunshine State Standards (SDSSS) and Alternate Assessment.
- Plan and deliver instruction designed to assist students with disabilities in mastering the Sunshine State Standards.
- Plan and develop curricula designed to address the Sunshine State Standards for Gifted Students and deliver instruction that effectively challenges their higher level thinking skills.
- Participate in developing Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and implementing Behavior Improvement Plans (BIPs) for students with disabilities.
- Participate in Manifestation Determination meetings.
- Supervise teacher assistant in providing instruction for students, as needed.
- Work cooperatively with principal and pedagogical on ESE issues.
- Recommend the purchase of supplies and equipment, within the specified budget. Make recommendations for future purchases to inform budget updates.
- Participate in Professional Development activities relating to performing job responsibilities.
- Perform other related duties as required that may not be listed in this job description.

(Optional dependent on candidate and ESE needs of school)
PE Instructional:
- Participate in planning and conducting Constellation’s unique Physical Education program which meets the requirements of the Sunshine State Standards.
- Recommend the purchase of physical education supplies and equipment, within the specified budget.
- Make recommendations for future purchases to inform budget updates.
Participate in in-service and approved external training programs for physical education and/or health specialists.
- Work with the principal to establish schedules.
- Familiarity with Constellation’s curriculum; collaborate with the Class teacher and school leadership, linking program content - an integrated curriculum approach.
- Develop lesson plans and submit ahead of time. Keep records of sessions, including formative and summative assessments of students and their progress.
- Keep Class teachers informed of students’ progress and concerns.
- Provide written updates, including a mid and end of year report to parents.
- Responsibility for the well-being of the students in the PE class, using management strategies appropriate to the age and ability of the students.
- Positively motivate the students to work to the best of their unique ability, providing opportunities for positive learning outcomes.



  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from a fully accredited college or university (for Grades teachers)

  • Possession of, or eligibility for, a Florida teaching certificate, certified in elementary education

Educators with additional certification in ESL and ESE are needed.

Waldorf-inspired intent:

  • At Constellation Charter School, we aspire to have all of our faculty members qualified as both Waldorf and public school teachers. Faculty who are interested and who might require certification in one of these teaching modalities will be guided towards the pathways to achieve these goals.

About the School

We are a publicly funded charter school and a member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education, working out of the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education. We are looking for teachers interested in cultivating this exceptional educational alternative for families in Alachua county.

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